Kaleido: Cullen Underpass
Proposal Project

Category: Environmental

Collaboration with: Ilse Harrison, Jessica Flores, Weston Woodfin, Donna Karimian

In collaboration with Gonzo247, the Cullen Underpass is the central gateway connecting neighborhoods adjacent to the underpass; East Downtown (EaDo), Third Ward, University of Houston and Eastwood.

The Kaleido proposal gives the narrative of change and transformation in each of the neighborhood. Like the kaleidoscope, these communitues shift and transform  each change creating a dynamic and positve iteration.With this beautification project, the goal for the Underpass is to . encourage pedestrians to seek out the space and be more part of the community.

For this proposal, as a team we created icons that mirror and reflect each neighborhood, that are transformative power of a kaleidoscope. With each rotation, the beautiful patterns evolve endlessly.